What’s around us? (edição inglesa) – Planeta Tangerina

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Landscape exploration guide

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Thinking about landscape brings to mind a holiday postcard of a tropical beach or castle. And what lies outside the postcard… is it a landscape too?
What if it’s not considered beautiful?
Can we be inside the landscape?
If we close our eyes, does it disappear?
And if there is no nature, is it still landscape?

This guide challenges us to read the space around us, to detect details, to feel invisible. It proposes activites to explore what is special about each place, but also what can be improved. Because as important as observing the landscape is, it is more important to know how to treat it well.
After all, it’s our first home.

Landscape is an infinite thread that extends throughout nature, one element connecting to the next, one landscape entering another.
We are a part of this thread. Let’s unravel it.
At the end, we wil know What’s Around Us.

125 páginas / 150 × 200 mm

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